No matter what obstacles you may face, find a way to keep pushing forward. Stay afraid but learn to do it anyway. Action is everything.

(CPT) Certified Personal Trainer, (CES) Corrective Exercise Specialist, (WLS) Weight Loss Specialist & Online fitness coach


Every time I work out with this guy he brings out the best in me. He's professional and expects the best effort from you. Knowledgeable on building muscle and what to eat to sustain a healthy lifestyle. Plus I like the fact that this guy practices what he preaches. He's built and shredded. Highly Recommended.

Ryan S.

Rudy is a special kind of guy. He's different from the other personal trainers that you see in the gym. I enjoy working out and I always see other trainers doing 80% talking and 20% working out. But Rudy is about working out and not talking. Coming from a Marine Veteran I thought I was in shape and oh was I wrong, haha.

Fernando C.

If you're looking for a trainer to talk about your weekend, Rudy's not your guy. I've been an avid body sculpting, fitness type for all of my life and had several trainers over the last 15 years. Rudy is the real deal. He takes time to create individual programs specific to my goal, adjusts them as new information is obtained (fitness level, injuries, goals, performance levels), is always on time and extremely attentive in workouts. In a short period (weeks) he has improved my mobility and core strength to what it was 30 years ago. There is no better trainer. 

Eric B.

Rudy is a fantastic trainer! He will train you carefully especially if you have a bad knee like me! Also knows what will work and what doesn't! Go train with this guy, you won't regret it!

Cynthia H.

Rudy is dedicated to helping you reach your fitness goals, and he'll set you up with all of the tools necessary to achieve them. You can tell after your first encounter with him that fitness is his passion, and he loves sharing that passion and enthusiasm for living a healthy lifestyle with his clients. Not only will he push you to reach your full potential in the gym, but he'll hold you accountable for staying healthy outside of the gym by checking in on you to see how your nutrition plan is going. He'll do a full evaluation of you and tailor both your exercise plan and nutrition plan to your specific body type. Whether you're looking to lose some pounds or hop on the gain train, Rudy will help make it happen for you. 

Tyler S.

Rudy pushes you hard to make sure you reach your goals and is always available if you have any questions. Before I started training with him I used to hate going to the gym and working out now I actually enjoy working out. Definitely recommend!

Sebastian C.

I admit I was not pleased when I discovered my husband signed me up for personal training without my knowledge. And I became extremely nervous when I saw how most of the personal trainers interacted with their clients. I’m 65+ years old; I don’t like people shouting at me; and I don’t want to look like Arnold Swarzenegger. I just want to perform normal, everyday functions more easily and confidently.

Rudy immediately put me at ease. He assessed my strengths and weaknesses, and designed a program tailored to achieve *my* goals, not the goals of a twenty-something with no aches, pains, or injuries. He quietly encourages me and continually shows me how far I’ve progressed. He pushes me to do just a little more than I think I can, but he knows when to stop. His motto is “Safety first,” which I truly appreciate.

Nancee M.

Everyone are you ready to transform your life. I picked Rudy as my trainer because his experience. I always go to the gym at least 5 Days a week. By talking to Rudy For the first time I know he was the right trainer for me. Every time it’s training time his serous about the training. I also tell him what part of my body I’m trying to improve and his alway welling to modify the training plan. I’m really great full I’m able to train with Rudy and learn a lot and able used the knowledge to incorporate in my training!

Jun C.

I have been going to the gym for years doing things my way and never thought I needed a trainer. Rudy approached me one day and suggested I do things differently. I ended up agreeing to do 5 sessions with him. Once he started training me I did over 30 sessions. And what an improvement! He was dedicated to getting me in the best shape of my life. He pushed me to work hard and smart. He is no nonsense and thorough and tough! I am now in the best shape of my life and will continue to follow the advice he gave me to stay that way.
You can not find a person more dedicated to his craft than Rudy!

Steve G.


My experience with my personal trainer:
When my father suggested that I go and see his personal trainer, my first thoughts were, “I’ve been there and done that, and it never works out”. My dad was so persistent, however, I finally agreed to go. I have been in and out of many fitness centers and worked with many personal trainers but no one compares to Rudy. He is focused, driven, knowledgeable, patient and genuinely cares about my personal growth. Over the past several weeks that I have been working with Rudy, I’m seeing my body make amazing transformations and I mentally and physically feel wonderful. I highly suggest him. He is a true professional. Truly, Jennifer.

Jennifer C.

have worked with Rudy three times a week for close to eleven months. I give Rudy five stars out of five. Why? The reasons are many.

1. He is always positive. He gently encourages and praises hard work, getting me to exercise harder than I ever would alone.
2. He always demonstrates the proper way to perform an exercise and promptly stops me to correct form errors. This is important since a weight exercise correctly performed produces the best results with maximum safety.
3. He varies workouts keeping them fresh. He seems to know the different sort of ways to exercise any muscle group.
4. He constantly observes and listens. He asks for feedback. "How is the weight?" " How do you feel?" He watches for form breaks due to fatigue. If a weight is too lite, he increases it to challenge me. If a weight is too much, he decreases it. The number of repetitions per set change as needed. He has an exercise plan for the day but the flexibility to change workouts on the fly to get most out of my time given how I feel that day. This is important when you are 67 years old and can wake up in morning with all sorts of aches and pains and are never sure how long your energy will last during a work out.
5. He is a nice, personable individual that you can enjoy working out with. 

David Heideke

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